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We make accounting pleasant!
Our long experience and knowledge are a solid foundation that will help strengthen your position in the market. We solve problems and advise how to deal with them. Now you can operate in the market without worrying about accounting. We provide services to Polish and foreign businesses. The services we provide rely on cooperation with a law and tax firm. Call and learn more.
development of the company chart of accounts
regular keeping of the books of account in accordance with the Accounting Act or the International Accounting Standards (IAS)
preparation and electronic sending of tax returns (CIT, VAT, PIT)
preparation of annual financial statements in Polish and English
preparation of consolidated financial statements for capital groups
preparation of reports for Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP)
preparation of financial reports for management purposes
on-line access to accounting records
cooperation with the Client’s auditors
Client representation in dealings with the Tax Office, the Social Insurance Institution and other state, financial and control institutions
entity registration with the Tax Office
keeping records of sales and purchases for the purposes of VAT
preparation of VAT returns
providing information on the amounts of VAT to be paid or to be returned to the Tax Office
regular keeping of the tax revenue and expense ledger
preparation and electronic sending of tax returns (PIT, VAT)
preparation of reports for Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP)
keeping personal records of employees
keeping records of holidays and sick leaves
issuing certificates of employment and income
registration of the employer and employees for social security purposes
drafting employment contracts, civil law contracts and other agreements and documents affecting the employment relationship
preparation of monthly payrolls
preparation of pay slips
calculation of monthly advances for personal income tax
preparation of annual tax information for employees (PIT-11, PIT-40)
oversight over the functioning accounting department
substantive support in the process of establishing the accounting department
preparation of reports for management purposes
preparation of financial statements on the basis of accurately kept books of account
implementation of internal control procedures
implementation/improvement of the budgeting function
development of company budget
reporting of the implementation of budgets and settlement of deviations
designing solutions within the scope of restructuring and optimisation of operating costs
optimisation of the process of closing the books aimed at speeding up reporting
substantive support with starting and liquidation of economic activity
drafting document flow instructions and the cash, material and inventory instructions
bringing arrears in books of account up to date
advising on the development of rules and regulations of work and remuneration
development of business plans
regular information of employers about changes in legislation
assessment of the state of books and internal control of the company
accounting supervision in the process of separation of an organised part of the enterprise
preparation of financial documentation for the transformation of the company
development of accounting policies and internal instructions
preparation of enterprise valuations


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